I love stories – I live for a good tale. Storytelling exists in all places – in art, at the movies, in books; you tell a story with the things you place on your walls and this is what this website is all about.

I’m sharing my art with you but also, on my blog, I’m sharing with you stories, stories behind art, behind the films I’ve seen, books I’ve read and places I’ve been. 


I’m Claire; I’m a designer, illustrator and artworker from London. I’d studied Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins and always wanted to work in the design industry but I’d never considered illustration or working for myself. My whole illustration and design business started with a doodle.  I had always doodled and loved drawing, and through my doodles emerged a pattern for drawing that made intricate and interesting pieces from what from a far looked like a simple shape. 

Drawing is a meditative action for me, I love to draw but it’s also a compulsion. It’s a magical thing to see something materializing in front of you and once it’s finished the most exciting thing for me is to wonder where it might end up.


I love how art on peoples’ walls can tell a story. I love to think about where something might have come from. The hand that paints or draws tells one story and the story behind where the owner picked up the art is another. Where the owner put it on the wall and why, was this piece a gift? Did you buy it on holiday or does it remind you of one or is it there because it matched the colour of the sofa?


I’ve designed this website as a place to hang out and tell stories, the blog includes an ongoing list of films I’ve watched and the stories behind them, things that have inspired me along the way and some great tips on how to live an interesting but simpler life. The projects section includes an ongoing book cover project where I’m attempting to design covers for all the books I’ve ever read. 


I’m always happy to receive feedback, collaborate and make custom illustrations so please, even if you just want to tell me your story; contact me here.